Wednesday, April 15, 2009



Here I come, in this blogging world :)
I'm nobody but a person who loves everyone in my life.
I'm married to the man that I loved most. I'm enjoying my life as a wife and always try to give my best to my husband.
I'm an eldest daughter to my parents, eldest daughter-in-law to my in laws and eldest sister and sister-in-law to my siblings.
I'm a government servant in construction field.
I'm still struggling to shred some stubborn fat from my body, and I never win this war against that fat! It's hard I tell you T__T

Well, I’m just an ordinary person but living in my extraordinary wonderful world.

So guys, welcome to my blog! Let us be friend :)



  1. Mama suka this picture..lotscof love

  2. Mamanurin: Thanks :) nih gambar konon-konon outdoor photoshoot utk album kawen..heh.